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RoadNarrows has partnered with manufacturers and suppliers throughout the world to provide a suite of high quality robots and advanced accessories. Our partners have an excellent reputation in providing quality products and technical support. Many of the robot products are de facto standards in the robotic education and research arena.

The robotics industry is a fast-paced, ever changing market that tracks tightly to Moore's Law for on-board and remote intelligence and capacity for functional growth. Each year new and improved products are developed by our partners, providing our customers the latest in industry innovation.

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AAI Canada, Inc.

AAI Canada, Inc.

Applied AI Systems, Inc. is a research and development company focusing on intelligent mobile robotics.

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CogniMem Technologies Inc.

CogniMem Technologies Inc.

CogniMem is the designer and manufacturer of the CogniMem 1K Silicon Neural Network chip and supporting products, such as the CM-IR Image Recognition Board.

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CoroWare develops unmanned robotic system solutions for homeland security and university research customers.

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Cyberbotics is the developer of the Webots software, a powerful robot and environment modeling tool that interfaces with many different robots, including K-Team robots.

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Dongbu Robot Co., Ltd.

Dongbu Robot was founded in 1999 and has produced a variety of automation applications and solutions in the field of industrial robotics. In the area of consumer robotics, Dongbu Robot has been developing intelligent mobile platforms, public service robots, vacuum robots, security robots, and others.

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GCtronic is active in the fields of electronics, robotics, mechatronics and computer science. GCtronic produces the e-puck developed by EPFL-ASL.

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e-con Systems

e-con Systems

e-con Systems, founded in October 2003, provides world-class design and development services to its customers. e-con offers turn-key solutions to customers in the embedded systems domain and also offers consultancy services in the areas of its expertise.

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Gumstix Inc.

Gumstix® is the manufacturer of the highly popular and very small Linux-based motherboards and related products. Designed for product engineers and designers, Gumstix products offer advanced function and open source software at industry-leading prices. The gumstix products are ideal for robotics and embedded systems.

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Hagisonic Co. LTD.

Hagisonic manufactures innovative Ultra-Sonic and Infrared sensors and systems including the AniBat anistropic ultra-sonic sensors and the StarGazer infrared localization system.

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Hokuyo Automatic CO., LTD.

Hokuyo of Japan produces high-quality optical devices including scanning laser range finders. Laser range finders are ideally suited for area scanning and localization of robots and intelligent systems.

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K-Team Corporation

K-Team robotic products are an industry standard at educational institutions around the world.

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KumoTek, LLC.

KumoTek is a technology company that specializes in providing state of the art robotics based applications to schools, research institutes and companies around the world.

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RoboBuilder Co., LTD

RoboBuilder's focus is to provide customers with enjoyable legged robots that are easy to assemble, attractive in design, and with fast and competent ranges of motion.

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RoboRealm is an application for use in computer vision, image analysis, and robotic vision systems. Using an easy point and click interface RoboRealm simplifies vision programming! Using an inexpensive USB webcam and the PC you already have you can now add machine vision to your robotics projects.

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Robotis logo


Robotis is a manufacturer of high-end servos, research platforms, and educational robots.

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Skybotix Inc.

Skybotix is a leading developer of innovative and safe Micro Aerial Vehicles and technologies for research and education. Skybotix products are ideal for universities or agencies conducting programs in Robotics, Aerospace or Control.

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